Hi, I'm Claire

I have been chatting to Spirit since I was a child. People ask me what my abilities are... well, I'm clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient... in fact all the senses! I grew up in the UK, Lived in New York for a while before coming back to the UK. I live in Devon now and love enjoying the beaches and walking on the moors. You could say I love being a free spirit, working multi-dimensional. I believe you’re here because you have questions, maybe you want better health or less stress or more peace and happiness? Whatever the reason, you’re in the right place!

I tap into Source, into the universe and spirit guides, who can help you heal both emotionally and physically. They give divine guidance for you and the next steps for you to heal or understand if you are in a relationship which is connected with the soul.


I hold workshops online in the Free Spirit Community to help you on your spiritual journey, along with the workshop here on my website to help you Take Back Your Power. I am regularly on Instagram Live offering free, flash readings to help you as well as IGTV.

Would you like to find the secrets that are keeping you from being happy?


That you feel like you "are just blocked"? Are you struggling to find yourself after a bad relationship and need to heal?


Are you wondering if you have met your "Twin-soul" or "Soul-mate?

How would you like to be able to understand and release pain, to move forward into a much clearer future?


To find self-love, to gain your self-esteem and finally rid yourself of anxiety? 


How would you feel if you could raise your vibrational frequency and step into the fullness of who you really are?

The time we spend on the phone together will provide you with a deeper insight into healing, understanding, leaving you with a vision for the future, clarity and understanding of what is blocking you and preventing you from moving forward and finding your inner sparkle again. Just imagine what you would be able to accomplish!

To be able to heal, grow and thrive!

Now Offering Quick One Question Readings!

Sometimes we don't need a full 30 minutes or a deep dive reading... We just need the answer to one or two quick questions, right?
It's quick, it's easy and your message is delivered to you as a recording the same day!

Just £5.00 ($7.50) for each question!

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“Having had several sessions with Claire, I have gained such respect for her. She possesses the abilities that put us in touch with entities that only want to help us through our struggles and to heal our wounded spirits. Claire is the real thing- genuine, down to earth and a wonderful, compassionate human being!” 

—  Isana Wild