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Welcome to Week One!

Welcome to Week One of the Angelic Practitioner Course.

You will now have invited and joined into the Messenger Chat Room, Angelic Healing Practitioner Course. Calls will be every week, starting the 27th of September for 6 weeks, I start the calls at 9pm BST each Monday. The first lesson is a nice easy read, to get into the swing of it and make new friends.

I'm so happy you made the decision to join the course and take steps to learn angelic energy healing!

You will learn how to connect, heal and communicate with Spirit.

You will find on some of the pages each week a meditation to listen to, to help you connect with the angels, the recordings will be in mp3 format, which you can listen to through the week after the live class or download to a device i.e. cell phone, tablet etc so you can listen on the move.

You will find PDF documents to download and keep, I've done this so you can concentrate and not have to take notes. If you bookmark this page, you can come back to it anytime.

If you have any questions between the weekly calls, you can ask in the chat group. No question is foolish and may help someone else understand too, maybe it might clarify a point they hadn't thought of!

Love & Peace,

Claire xox

Please click on the PDF below to download and keep.