Temple Teachings

Welcome to Week Sixteen!

I'm so excited to be taking this incredible journey with you! In this sixteenth week! You are doing amazing! How are you feeling?


This week we are meeting and walking with ascended masters, Lord Voosloo, St Germain and we are lighting up the Earth with Jesus, the Cosmic Bringer of Love.

This is the last week with the ascended masters, next week we meet the ascended goddesses, before journeying with dragons and understanding how they can help you accomplish your soul mission.

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lord voosloo

Lord VooslooClaire Cappetta
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Lord Voosloo's RetreatClaire Cappetta
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Meditation to Meet Lord Voosloo at his Etheric Retreat

St germain and merlin

St Germain and MerlinClaire Cappetta
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St Germain and Merlin

Jesus, Bringer of Cosmic Love

Jesus, Bringer of Cosmic LoveClaire Cappetta
00:00 / 10:20

Jesus, Bringer of Cosmic Love

I hope you learned and enjoyed these meditations!
Which one was your favorite?
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Love & Peace,
Claire x