Books by Claire Cappetta

Ride to Liberty Series

Based on a true story of survival from domestic violence, abuse, and stalking.


Lydia Castle is fifteen, naïve, and living in Yorkshire, England. She looks at her reflection in the bathroom mirror as she wipes her neck, the warm blood slowly trickling down her trembling legs. She is in shock, trembling, wondering how it had all come to this moment.
Mike Webberson is a builder with a reputation for being hard and is feared in the small community, but to Lydia, he is a kind, caring friend – until now... 
He is showing his dark and foreboding side. The abuse and threats are like a dark, shameful, and dirty secret for Lydia, trying to cope with it on her own. She is too scared to tell her parents, knowing her father will look for vengeance.
As Lydia struggles through adversities she is becoming stronger and empowered. Her life turns a full circle, facing her nightmares once again.
This time Lydia, now older, can finally fight back!