Discover Your Wild Woman Within
Feeling alone on your spiritual awakening path? 
I know how you feel! 

When I was a child growing up it was difficult, my mother is a narcissist and my father a strong Catholic, who even had wanted to be a monk in a silent order, quite a mix! My mother was excellent in gaslighting and manipulation, my father constantly putting out the fires she created. 
I couldn't relate to any of it. I just thought life should be magical, filled with sparkles and light. I had "friends" who understood me, but they lived in a different realm... So, that made things easy! 

I felt so alone, there was nobody to talk to who understood me or the spirit world. My father would give me advice on how to cope, I know these tips and tools as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, basically... Shadow work! 

Growing up my mother threatened me with an asylum and a straight jacket. What is sad is that I'm not alone with getting threats like that. 

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Throughout my life, I would step out of the shadows, the spiritual closet only to return to its safety. 
I know many people who are awakening now, feeling misunderstood, suddenly they "feel" more, empathy is overwhelming, tears flow like rivers out of nowhere! Wanting to try and retreat back into their own spiritual closets but know they can't because they've seen the spiritual side and know it's too late. 

I feel like I've always been "woke", surfing dimensions, a lone surfer, navigating the waves. 

But that has now changed! 
Finding soul sistars... who "see"! A coming together, a soul family rising, finding each other, stepping out of the shadows, sharing their own stories. 

This is magical
This is beautiful 

Souls recognising each other, communities are being founded and built on love, kindness and compassion. 

You are not alone any more, beautiful soul! 
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It's time to discover your wild woman within!

I see you beautiful siStar!

It's time to step out of the shadows, time to find your inner wild!

To dance, to understand your story,

Time to be authentically you,

To be the beautiful, shining soul that you are,

To dry your beautiful butterfly wings and soar!

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This is an invitation to join my workshop

Where we will dive into being authentically us. 

  • We will dance to awaken our soul and light our chakras, to awaken the divine goddess within 

  • You will hear ancient stories of wild women discovering, uncovering their wild woman

  • Understand your own journey and be given tools to develop and uncover your talents and gifts

  • We will go into meditation to heal your inner child and ancestral wounds.

  • This is a siStarhood circle of empowerment!


This is a FREE 2 HOUR Workshop!

When: This workshop has already happened,

but if you want to be in when I run it again, please complete the form below and you will be notified

Where: Online - Messenger Room

You will receive an email 24 hours before with the link to the workshop

I look forward to seeing you beautiful siStar

Kisses on your face,


Claire xxx

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