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Discover How to Raise Your Vibration...

So You Can Connect with Spirit

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The big question I often get is...how can I connect with my intuitive self? How can I help people heal?

Many clients come to me desperately wanting to help friends, clients, loved ones but haven't developed their gift of healing. 

I've been working and communicating with Spirit since I was a child. I have communicated with Spirit in rooms of over a hundred people, giving readings and comfort to people on Long Island, New York, USA. I have given names, addresses... even exact birthdates!

I discovered through all the years of connecting with Spirit and offering help, healing and advice to their loved ones all around the world from Australia to America, that you can connect too if you are taught how to channel and tune in!
It took me years, 100's of tries, but I have finally perfected the techniques, after practice and want to share my years of expertise with you.

Do you know you can talk with Spirit or heal by using learning, discovering and applying my techniques?
Do you ever wonder what it would be like to get messages for someone or actually be able to heal someone you love?

Here's the secret... We are all able to chat with and communicate with Spirit... You just need to learn how!

Let me explain: I believe that developing your intuitive gifts should be fun! It shouldn't be made difficult to understand. We read books, watch lessons and are left further in the dark than when we started, wondering if it's just us... Or are many struggling to connect with Spirit! 

Connecting with our intuitive selves brings us clarity, joy and happiness, understanding not only Spirit but ourselves so much more!

You will be able to connect, heal and communicate too.
You'll be in LIVE workshops, online learning with worksheets, exercises and PDF's in 6 lessons over 6 weeks of live in-depth mp3 recorded lessons for you to download and keep. You'll have full access to the recorded training.

Here's What You're Going to Get in Learning and Understanding Mediumship:

  • Learn the basics of working with spirit

  • Learn what spirit is, and how it feels to connect with those who have "Crossed over"

  • Learn how to listen and communicate effectively and Those Around You.

  • Self-Awareness and learn how to trust yourself and the messages you receive

  • Learn how to give readings

  • Learn different techniques, including visualisations, meditations, breathing and grounding exercises to help open your mediumship abilities

  • Learn how to communicate with spirit can help you love and live your best life

  • Trancework

  • Going Forth and Sharing Your Gift

  • Six weeks of 1-hour group class sessions live! To help you understand the lessons 

  • Worksheets and PDF downloads to keep 

If you are ready to join us on the 21st June 2020, simply choose your prefered way to pay below.


Learning and Understanding Mediumship

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“Workshop was absolutely amazing! I learned so much about meditation and gained so much powerful insight! Very pleasantly surprised...thank you, Claire” 

— Renee Amethyst