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Hi, I'm Claire,

I grew up in the UK with an abusive, narcissistic mother, who was violent, manipulative and cruel. I spent most of my life trying to prove to her and the world that I was worthy... worthy of kindness and love. I bounced from one bad relationship to another, not knowing what a good, healthy one looked or felt like, so I took what I thought was an easy route to happiness... work.

After I left my first abusive, violent marriage I lived on my own with my children, it became lonely and started to date "a friend", sadly after a couple of years, it wasn't working out. He had moved in with us so it was difficult. I was getting phone calls from women saying "Tell him I had fun the other night..." and he was expensive too. He kept his wage for himself and didn't help with any of the bills, so it was time for him to go. Sadly, he didn't think so and became a "full-on" stalker. I was told by the Police to leave. I had to sell everything and moved county, taking my children with me. I was terrified! 

We moved to the South of England and started afresh, sadly my children weren't happy and moved back to live with their father. I had been offered to train as a mortgage broker and dove in, head first into work. I lived and breathed it, becoming a workaholic. The business was successful and I thought I was happy for years, but slowly the inevitable happened... burnout.

My routine of work, eat, sleep repeat, I slowed down I couldn't think clearly.

I lived with my business partner, who of course was a narcissist. I was told I was useless, ugly, that no-one would want to be near me. A doctors appointment was due and when I was there, I broke down along with sleeping and anti-anxiety pills I was also advised "A Major Life Change". I walked out that day, deciding to leave again. I had been offered to go to New York. I grasped the opportunity with both hands.

I lived in New York for 13 years, it was amazing! I met and fell in love with a wonderful man and was given the gift of a step-daughter! They also supported me as I started to heal within suggesting I wrote. It started part time, trying to regain lost memories, understanding past traumas. I discovered mindfulness, meditation and cognitive behavioural therapy. I became an author and a speaker, taking classes and earning diplomas in mental health, psychology life coaching and cognitive behavioural therapy.

I have now moved back to the UK, understanding how self-esteem effects us in our lives. I feel blessed and happy, now owning the self-esteem I should have been given when I was a child. I want to share what I have learned with others who are suffering. Moving back home, I now feel as if a veil has been lifted, as a child I could speak with the angels, I dipped into a little in New York, again giving readings to full rooms of people but now I understand I can work in the light, without people telling me I'm crazy and all the other baggage abusers put on us to hold us down.

I am now an Advanced Angelic Practitioner! I love it! I can now finally walk in the light I was always meant to, helping and healing those who need help. Join me on Facebook and Instagram as I share angelic meditations of healing, love and light.


Claire xox