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ASK yourself...

Is your soul craving a calming spiritual escape?
Do you want to find the freedom to embrace your spiritual self?
Are you looking to embrace your spiritual self and finally step into the life you have always wanted? 

ALLOW yourself...

Open your heart to the magic of the universe and embrace the wonder of the world around you. Welcome abundance into your life and make 2020 your year.



Join renowned Spiritual Guidance Coach, Speaker and Healer and Author Claire Cappetta on a deeply transformative journey of soul searching, self-love and spiritual awakening in an amazing Catalonian rural sanctuary in Spain from 4th - 10th April 2020. 

During the retreat 
we FOCUS on


Feel in complete alignment with yourself, your mind, body & spirit. Leave with a sense of knowingness and wisdom that is completely unique to you. This journey will see you connect with your soul tribe, create & form lifelong relationships.


Embark on a journey of true, unconditional love, appreciation and pure self-acceptance of every part of yourself. Embracing who you truly are to step into the highest version of you & your vision for the future.


Find your true path to spirituality, what has been holding you back and leave with a renewed vision of your spiritual path, on how to make your everyday life a magical one and create the life of your dreams, knowing how to manifest. On the other side of this retreat is life-changing transformation. 

Retreat Features

What's Included

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* A Private 1:1 pre-retreat  Soul Alignment Coaching session.

* 7 days and 6 nights’ twin share accommodation in a rustic Catalonian castle 
* 2-3 hours of daily Angelic Healing Practitioner Learning

* Nightly guided meditation sessions to close the day.

* A wonderful Reiki massage, or a massage of your choosing.

* Understanding Mindfulness session

* Daily meditation sessions.

* 3 delicious vegetarian meals a day breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared for you daily. Unlimited access to tea and infusion

* Unique cleansing and healing experience, as we work through to clear and cleanse chakras.

* Understanding and connecting with the Universe, learning Ascended Masters, Sunyata and discovering the power you hold within.

* Meditation using singing bowls to connect with our guides.

* Bicycle facilities to ride through the Monserrat mountains.

* A day exploring Barcelona

* Custom workbook and manual to guide you through the retreat. An Angelic Healing Practitioners Diploma

* Airport pick-up and drop-off.

Why Do This?

Many of us have started to awaken through spirituality. We live in places or with people who don't fully understand what we are going through. We connect on social media sites as best we can, but it doesn't come close to actual connection in the world, to see, smile and hug like-minded souls.

It's no wonder that we then start to experience the signs and symptoms of ascension, we can feel burned out, exhausted. We can start to lose sight of our soul’s true essence.

You want to learn how it feels to swim in the sunyata. You want to learn how to manifest the life you want.

You want to know how to understand "spirit".

You want to connect with the angels and understand how to heal and be guided by them.

You are ready to step into your true spiritual self.

So, are you ready to give yourself permission to invest in you and find out what it is that truly lights you up inside?

Step into your spiritual energy and join us on a life-changing journey of self-discovery and spirituality.


About Your Host

Claire Cappetta is passionate about helping people understanding themselves, to help them find a path of spirituality so they can understand the life they live now.

Claire grew up with an abusive mother and although she could see and hear spirit was told she was crazy and to put a lid on it. Since she was a child, she has studied religions including Hinduism, Buddism and Wiccan. She says she doesn't belong to a religion but has carved a spiritual path of her own, knowing the past lives she has lived, understanding "spirit" as a psychic medium.


She now coaches clients to help them find their own paths through life and spirituality. Claire has been a keynote speaker, has held large meeting rooms of over 100 people looking for messages from loved ones who have crossed over. Claire has authored 3 books and continues to give guidance and healings.


Modern room with en-suite bathroom in an ancient castle surrounded by vineyards
You will stay in an ancient Spanish castle surrounded by nature, including grasslands and vineyards. The castle has been recently renovated and now is used as a Retreat Center with optional yoga and meditation classes and additional therapies. The price is per person; each room accommodates 3 people and has a private en-suite bathroom. Besides your room, you will have access to all common areas, which include kitchen, dining room, lounge and living room as well as the courtyard, terraces and gardens.

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Spain Retreat Bathroom.jpg
Spanish Retreat.jpg

The Retreat Center has its origins somewhere around the year 1200 and has most recently served as a winery. Currently, it is completely dedicated to healthy and sustainable travel for relaxing and disconnecting.

The Retreat Center is located about one hour travelling from the marvellous city of Barcelona and close to the magical mountain and monastery of Montserrat. The castle is completely surrounded by nature, with mainly vineyards and grazing lands for cows. Both daytime and nighttime views are spectacular.

The closest bus stop is about 20 minutes walking and connects you to Manresa. We can also arrange a pickup service for you. There are beautiful walking and cycling routes directly accessible from the Retreat Center.

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Spain Conference room.jpg


The Pink Full Moon Transformation Retreat will provide you with everything you need to kick-start your spiritual journey and start building the life you’ve always dreamed of.


The mentoring and guidance you will receive from Clare over the course of the retreat will be vital to your journey of spirituality and will help you to implement a series of transformative practices into your everyday life that will help you to overcome the obstacles that life throws our way.


Claire will challenge you to dig deep and open yourself up to the real you. Through supporting you with mindfulness, meditation and lessons Claire will help you to let go of all that has been holding you back and stopping you from shining. Claire will guide you through the process of awakening your soul and help you to break through your limitations so that you can tap into the energy brewing inside you to become the very best version of yourself.


The lessons you will learn, the experiences you will have, and the friends you will make throughout the retreat will be invaluable, and will serve you for a lifetime.


You will leave the Pink Full MoonTransformation Retreat with a sound understanding of who you truly are at your very core and a clearly defined action plan as to how you will go out incorporating all of these valuable lessons.

10 Steps to Start Healing From Narcissis

So what are you waiting for?

Say yes to embracing who you truly are!

Say yes to discovering what you want from life! 

Say yes to creating a life you love!


We will be celebrating the Pink Full Moon, which is Wednesday the 8th of April 2020.

The full moon in this month represents renewal and rebirth.


Singing bowl meditations to connect with the full pink moon.


"I am blessed to have been included in this workshop. Claire is such a lovely, talented and inspirational tutor and friend. I loved the insights and knowledge I learned from this... I guess it has filled in many great gaps to my puzzle at long last (teachings you can't find on the internet) and sends me forth with more passion and determination than ever to fulfil my dreams, life contracts and destiny. Thank you, Claire"

Seanie Caine

"In a nutshell, Claire facilitated breakthrough for me where no one else dared tread.  Not only did she exercise the powerful and rare ability to listen and love without judgment, but she backed up her compassion with sound advice that actually worked.  Claire gave me permission to feel, permission to value myself.  She shifted my attitudes and my lack of belief in myself.  Claire made me stronger.  Thanks to her, I  began to give myself permission to no longer feel like a horrible person and a horrible mother in the midst of parental alienation.  She let me know that I was on the right path.  She called me courageous.  She built me up.  Do you know how rare that is?  A person who builds you up?  It's really powerful and that alone is transformational.  Claire believed in me and gave me permission and room to start believing in myself and to look at things more rationally instead of being in the middle of tornadoes all the time. 

Claire was a potent force in helping me move from a life of drama, victimhood, hopelessness and paralysis to one of courage, determination and persistence.  Today I consider myself strong.  I value myself.  Were it not for Claire, I don't know who I would be today -- or where I would be.  She was a game changer.  I'd rather not think of how my life would have turned out without her."

J Buhite

"The workshop was absolutely amazing! I learned so much about meditation and gained so much powerful insight! Very pleasantly surprised...thank you, Claire” 

Renee Amethyst


What can I expect from this retreat?
By attending the Pink Full Moon Transformation Retreat you can expect to discover a whole new side of yourself you never knew existed. You can expect to learn more about yourself than you would have believed possible. And you can expect to share the journey with a group of incredible women who are ready and willing to support one another and share in their incredible journeys. The Pink Full Moon Transformation Retreat will take you to the next level in creating your dream life. Discover exactly who you are and find out exactly what lights you up and ignites your soul, and learn how to start truly living your truth. With Claire’s wisdom and guidance, you can expect all this and so much more from the once in a lifetime experience of the Pink Full Moon Transformation Retreat. 

 When is the retreat and how long does it go for?
Attendees of the Pink Full Moon Transformation Retreat will arrive at the Villa on 4 April 2020, The retreat runs for 7 days and 6 nights, and airport transfer is included in the total cost with two separate options to suit your preferences.

 Is airfare included in the total cost?
Airfares are the ONLY component of the Pink Full Moon Transformation Retreat that attendee is responsible for organising, and must pay for this separate to the total cost of the retreat. The retreat is being held in Spain’s off-peak season so it is expected that the cost of flights will be much more affordable at this time of year.

 Regarding the accommodation, what are the sleeping arrangements like?
The Pink Full Moon Transformation Retreat will take place in an ancient,  rural,  tranquil chateau for the week. The center has 6 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, a meditation room, a dining room, media room, private chefs, kitchen, bar. The center features 4 twin rooms with single beds in each, as well as 2 double bed rooms with an extra single bed available. Rooms will be shared, as that's how the very best friendships are formed! The rooms are incredibly spacious and luxurious and are designed to be shared. Why not bring your bestie!

 Should I pay in full?
If you want to save money then YES!

 Do you offer payment plans?
Please contact me for available options. 

 What is the cancellation policy?
All sales for the Pink Full Moon Transformation Retreat are final and due to the nature of the even we are unfortunately unable to issue any refunds once a booking is made. Please make sure to double check that you are available to attend the retreat before securing your space in the center.  

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