Who's Following You?

PLEASE HELP Megan with her research survey. It is COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL! It is to help find out about social media and victimisation. It could help with Stalking and Domestic Abuse and how we are impacted on social sites. It only takes 10 mins, I'm also including it in PHF magazine for January. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SHARE.

"Megan Kenny is a PhD researcher at University of Huddersfield, UK, researching victimisation through social media. She is collecting data around online victimisation through social media via an online survey.

The aim of this research is to establish prevalence rates of different types of victimisation, identify who is being targeted and who is targeting others online and to identify potential similarities and differences between those who have had negative experiences and those who have not.

The survey is open to anyone aged 13+ who uses at least one social media account, it is completely anonymous and takes around ten minutes to complete. Megan is interested in all social media users, not just those who have had negative experiences. She is also asking those who complete the survey to share the details with their social media followers as well if they are happy to do so.

Just click on the link to the survey: https://hud.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/whos-following-you

Surveys like these help bring clarity and a further understanding of cyber abuse and victimisation, which has become so prevalent in stalking."

Claire Cappetta
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