Understanding The Lion's Gate, Transforming Into Positivity.

Today is marked as the Lion's Gate. It is an incredible day of an influx of energy, today is the 8th of August 2018.... So what is so special about that? 08-08-18 is divisible by 8 and in numerology very important and powerful!

It is bringing another shift... I know, hear you... yet another shift. This one is bringing harmony and peace though and who doesn't want some harmony and peace in their life? It might mean giving up something that doesn't serve you right now. With this shift and Mercury retrograde, which always means re-working, going over past endeavors and looking at what can be changed for the better or relationships and friendships which are toxic, think how they can be “re-worked”, changed or all together moved away from to bring positivity into your life. If you open up and become receptive it will work to bring cohesiveness into your life. So, basically, a late Spring clean, ditching what doesn't serve you and gluing the positive together for you.

This evening when we look to the stars, we will be able to see Sirius line up with the pyramids at Giza and it is marked by abundance and we could all use an inflow of wonderful, positive abundance!It's energy awakens those who are willing to activate their 3rd eye, so if you have a moment to sit quietly and meditate, you will find a feeling of connection and belonging within, which is more powerful now than the rest of the year. How amazing!

It's not a one night deal, either, it lasts from the 8th to the 14th. For several days we can see it as recharging period to regain balance, confidence and energy. These three are important at this time.

How can we connect and work through this period?

Quite easily, we connect with it through our Solar Plexus, which if you know your chakra points is located just below your rib cage and shines bright yellow. It is the chakra of Archangel Uriel, the Angel of the Sun, perfect for this month of August and the star sign of Leo. It rules your confidence, metabolism, and will power but when it is blocked, you can feel overwhelmed. Fearful of making wrong decisions, feeling powerless and unworthy. This in turn leads to laziness, over eating, not being able to focus, feeling sluggish and starting to procrastinate... No-one needs to feel like that.

So how do we change it? Affirmations are perfect and essential for this time. Change your thoughts each time negativity starts to move in. So we change:

I hate myself to I love myself.

I am unworthy to I am worthy.

I am useless to I can accomplish everything I desire.

I am unlovable to I am worthy of love.

I am hopeless to I am capable and confident.

No matter what star sign you are, right now you are a lion! You are majestic, amazing, brilliant, beautiful. You are confident and strong! Let's hear you roar!

Transcend into light, positivity and confidence with the guidance of Archangel Uriel:

Simply say:

“Archangel Micheal, stand beside me.

Archangel Uriel, stand by me.

Archangel Rapheal, stand behind me.

Archangel Gabriel stand in front of me.

Archangel Sandalphon, below me.

Archangel Metatron, above me.

Wash away negativity from my life. Bring forth postivity.

Take away the darkness and bring me light and peace.

Guide me to a brighter path of happiness and compassionate love.”

Thank you for walking this path with me through this period of the Lion's Gate, my friend. Together we will see the dawn of the 14th stronger, confident, refreshed and renewed.


Claire Cappetta
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