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Your Power!

I'm so excited to offer this new workshop!


I first offered this workshop as a live event, which was wonderfully successful.

Now I'm offering this workshop as an on-demand workshop, so you can watch it at a time suitable for you.


When we learn how to meditate and connect with ourselves we understand how incredibly powerful we can become. We can learn how to protect ourselves, how to manifest what we need or desire.


I believe that meditation is the best and fastest way of connecting and understanding the angels. When you connect with them, it helps you to restore balance and inner peace into your life. This is where we find the answers to the burning questions we have. 


When we start to learn the practice of meditation it can be incredibly difficult, our attention wanders, connections break, rather like wi-fi in a bad area. Then there is the "What on earth I am doing?" or "How am I supposed to do this?". You see the pictures or people meditating and it looks so simple but when starting you wonder if you are just doing something simply "wrong"...


Once you get it right... it's amazing! There are sparkles of golden light, a feeling of love and healing is bestowed unlike that in any of the physical realms we exist in. I've seen flashes of pure, white, light up a room. In fact, my stepdaughter saw the flashes of light under the door and asked me about them after! I thought it was just me, having a wild old time connecting with the angels, the Lyrans, but she saw them too... on the physical plane!

So how do you get your power back?

Find your power of light?

Connect with the cosmos, the Lyrans, the Angels?


What the sparkles mean and the colours that they come in.

You want to know if the Angels and Ascended Masters are with you.

You want to know why we talk about electromagnetic, electrical and neutral and what's it got to do with anything!

Know what is the Mystery of Breathing.

How to use Space Manifestation.

Come, Join Me


This is your invitation to join me, to take a journey of how to take back your power, connect with yourself, the universe and transcend into the healing Lyran Angelic Realms and the Crystalline Grid.


I will be teaching you all the answers to these questions!

You WILL be able to take back your power and break through the barriers you are facing!

With a PDF Workbook to keep.


You can access the Workshop, anytime which suits you.


I'm keeping the price low too because I feel anyone should be able to learn how to get their power back!

Only a one-time payment of £9.99 


“Workshop was absolutely amazing! I learned so much about meditation and gained so much powerful insight! Very pleasantly surprised...thank you, Claire” 

Renee Amethyst

How Do I Get Access?

Very simply!

Just click on the Buy Now Paypal button below and you will receive an email with the Take Back Your Power PDF Workbook for you to download.

Click on the link provided and you'll be taken to the workshop to watch in the comfort of your own home.