Ascension Temple Teachings

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Join me each Sunday, as we journey and travel to the 5th Dimension! Together, we will be expanding our chakras, all 12! From the Earth Star all the way through to the Stellar Gateway chakra! Once, we have cleared these we will embarking on a deep journey of enlightenment to the higher temples, where we will balance bliss, unconditional love, higher perception, and the vibration of truth.

We will meet Ascended Masters, Lord Kuthemi, Lord Lanto, Lord Kumeka, Lord Voosloo, St Germain, Merlin, Jesus of Cosmic Love, and more. We will meet and travel with the Archangels, as they guide us. We will walk in the steps of the Illumined Ones. By taking this journey, we will meet goddesses, as our consciousness expands, meeting our own personal dragon, understanding the elements of nature.

We will finish this journey by traveling to the Lilac Flame of Source and understanding the twin reflections for Ascension.

This will be a vivid journey of the mind, body, and soul, enabling healing to start within.

These lessons will feel and interact with you intensely, as we aim to block all distractions around us while we journey. These sessions are audio-only, so you can become relaxed and focus on the journey. You don't have to worry if you are in pajamas, your hair is messy. This is not video. I want you to be able to relax fully into the journey, as you rise, float, and travel to the temples.

Access to this journey is through subscription. If at any point you wish to stop your journey, simply cancel your weekly subscription of £9.99! There is absolutely no obligation. This is a journey of enlightenment, consciousness, and freedom.

Each Sunday, you will receive a link to listen to the meditation, each Sunday, also there will be a Questions and Answer Ascension Temple Teachings Chat Group on Messenger to clarify any questions you have. I'm doing a chat group because sometimes, someone may have a question you might too, be wondering about. Think of it as an Ascension Temple Community, where you can learn and grow with others as you take this deep journey into being an enlightened master into the 5D! 

The first Temple Teaching will be ready for you to start on August 22nd at 7.30 pm BST 2.30 pm EST

Are You Ready to Take the Journey with Me?

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Temple Teachings