A weekly step by step course to regain your self-esteem.


You can heal and become stronger than before.


Are you ready to 



Are you in a relationship and feel lost?

Have you just separated? Divorcing?


And now you are wondering who you are?

Are you struggling with self-esteem, loss of confidence and anxiety?

Do you think or believe you were emotionally abused?

Can you imagine if you could do this?

  • Break free from the pain of abuse and start living now and like to have peace of mind, to feel happiness again.

  • Be able to go out and not experience panic attacks?

  • Be able to gain confidence?

  • Be able to relax with friends and family again?

  • Be able to break free from the feelings of guilt, and thinking the abuse was your fault?

  • Let go of feeling that you constantly sacrifice your needs and feelings for others around you?

  • Be able to set up clear boundaries for yourself?

  • To be able to go to sleep at night and actually look forward to the day ahead?

  • Wouldn't you like to kiss goodbye to depression and anxiety that is plaguing your life?

Are you ready to find the genuine, authentic you?

My Story

If you are in a difficult relationship with someone who is abusing you emotionally and mentally, odds are you grew up in a similar setting... Think about it for a moment, was your mother or father narcissistic, cruel? Nothing you did was ever good enough? If you spoke up, you were shouted down as an idiot, stupid or useless? What made it worse was, I could see, hear and speak to angels, which made life really confusing!


My mother was cruel and narcissistic, everybody's feelings outside the family came first. It wasn't only the emotional abuse of being constantly told how useless I was, it was the violence that came with it too. I remember posting letters and running small errands for our elderly neighbour, whom I loved and would spend hours, sitting with, listening to her stories, of growing up in Boston, America. She would give me money for candy, but I saved it. I saved it because, I thought if I bought my mother a gift, usually a plant and gave it to her on a Sunday morning, then she might be nice for a day. It never worked but hope sprung eternal...

Untitled design (6).png

My mind was numb... I was on work, eat, sleep, repeat...

When I grew older relationships I had, left me feeling used and abused, I was scared from years of being told I was crazy. I was told angels did not exist for me, that in fact, I needed to be put into a straight jacket for hearing them. It was my mother's favourite saying. I didn't know who I was after years of verbal, physical and mental abuse. Memories were lost, feeling triggered and not knowing why. My mind would crash, rather like a computer, I would have to wait for it to "reboot".


I'd had one violent, abusive marriage with a narcissist which I had left with two children, I then got into a relationship with another abuser, who after moving in with me, didn't help financially, and kept all his money. I was working to keep all three of us, I couldn't do it because I was working part-time, with no childcare. I ended it and it became a nightmare, he held me hostage for a week, threatening to kill us. I had to sell my house and move hundreds of miles away! After moving, my children decided they wanted to live with their dad, they missed their old life and friends. They left, I was to see them in the school holidays but my ex and my mother stopped it from happening.


After moving to the south of England, I slowly ended up being in a relationship with my business partner. I dove into work completely. I was now a mortgage broker, self-employed, often working 15 hour days. What did my business partner do? Complain, he complained about how I hadn't made him rich enough! I was tired! My mind was numb... It was; work, eat, sleep, repeat... Heading towards a breakdown. I had a doctors appointment for a check-up, the nurse asked me how I was and I lost it! I was told after, that I started rocking back and forth in the chair repeating "Can't do this anymore!" I was given anti-anxiety medication and told to get a new life! I remember the doctor using the words "Major Life Change."


I walked out of his office that day, realising he was right. I'd had an offer to go to New York. I looked out over the little harbour of the town that had saved me once. I promised the town in my mind, I would be back. I did love the place, just not the relationship that was sucking my health dry.

I gained my self-esteem and so can you!

I decided to take on a healing journey, a journey of discovery to try and find out who I was. I thought I was to blame for everything, being raped, a domestic violent marriage, narcissistic abuse, gaslighting, being stalked by an ex. I found I wasn't to blame for any of it. When we grow up in abusive families, how can we understand what a healthy family or relationship is?


After taking the journey of healing, I now understand who and what I am and so can you. I took diplomas in Psychology, Cognitive Behavourial Therapy, Life Coaching, Mindfulness and became an Angelic Healing Practitioner. I learnt how to meditate, to bring and manifest healing into my life. I found inner peace and you can too, you can find the light at the end of the tunnel. You can find your inner sparkle again and live a life worth living, one where you don't have to second guess every move or decision you make.


I will take the journey with you, discovering the unique person you are. I use the methods of life coaching, mindfulness, meditation and the theory of cognitive behavioural therapy. I found my self-esteem again and my inner sparkle, and you can too!

 I've found happiness and so can YOU!

Now, I teach people all over the world to do the same.

And I want that for you.

It is my mission to help every person on this planet to no longer suffer from their past abuse.

Which is why I created this course,

Transcend Your Inner Sparkle! 

It has helped so many, and now it WILL help you. 

What to expect.

  • The course contains 7 modules, which are between 30 and 55 minutes long (it varies depending on the module). Each module contains video and worksheets which can easily be downloaded in PDF.

  • Also, an added BONUS of 2 mp3 meditation downloads!

  • Art Colouring book and Gratitude Journal is included for Modules 3 and 6! 

  • Once you purchase the course, you will get an email to invite you to become a member within 24 hours.

  • Each Thursday you will be given access to a continuing module. You will be able to save the module and have lifelong access to the course.

  • Access to the private Transcend Your Inner Sparkle Facebook page, where you will be able to share and connect with a sparkling, healing community.

  • Live Q & A with Claire, each Thursday to answer any questions.


Course Modules

Module 1.



Understanding Abuse.

What is Emotional and/or Gaslighting Abuse?

9 Traits of Narcissist Personality Disorder

You Might Recognize

Coping With Narcissistic Abuse.


Module 2.


Exercises to Help Clear a Path Towards Self-Esteem.

Using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Tools.

What is Belief and What is Fact?

Negative Self-talk.

Who's Best Friend Are You?




Module 3


Being Realistic and Moving Forward

Using Vision Boards.

How Art Therapy Will Help You.

Discovering Your Inner Light.


Module 4.


Using Mindfulness To Stay in the Moment.

How to Use Meditation.

Clear and Balance Your Chakras so They Sparkle

Learn How to Cope and Deal With Anger.



Module 5.


Learning How to Set Boundaries.

Finding a Space to Breathe.

Learning How to Say No.

Remembering Self-Care is Important

Loving Yourself Within


Module 6.



How to Write Your Story.

How it Affects You Emotionally.

Coping with Memory Lane.

Dream Journaling.



Module 7.


Loving the New You.

Moving Onto Your New Life.

Certificate of Completion.






What Will This Course Do For You?


Gain confidence, feeling finally happy.


Rest and be able to sleep at night, like a baby.


Heal, transform and be able to handle anxiety.


Feel at peace in mind, body and soul!


Registration and Pricing.




  • You will need to have access to a computer, printer and internet

  • The course material can be downloaded and completed offline




Full Lifetime Access
Over 100 mins on-Demand
Videoon mobile and TV
Certificate of Completion

Interactive Features 

 Downloadable Resources


Art Colouring Book

Mood Diary

Gratitude Journal

2 mp3 Guided Meditations


Many courses sell $497 and more!

I'm offering you this course at the

Early Bird Price

of just $27!




Learn coping skills for anxiety. 

Give yourself the gift of happiness and self-esteem.

Understand yourself, mind, body and soul.

You are special, unique and worthy of loving yourself!


What People Say


Oh wow, I haven't heard the word "ambient" used to describe narcissistic abuse before. It makes, sense though... amazing! I've learned something new in the first few minutes, and I think that's incredible!


I just watched Module One and it's awesome! Very Clear, easy to follow and understand along with great graphics.

Looking forward to the next module!


I love Vision Boards!!! Because I am an artist - a lot of the abuse was pointed at what I do well. It is wonderful Claire!!!.

Start Your Healing Journey Today

Because You're Worth it!


Transcend Your Inner Sparkle!